Additional Advantages of InstaCasa Construction & Design

1. Bilingual - Fluency in both Spanish and English (irreplaceable in terms of good communication being necessary to ensure the client gets exactly what they want here in an Ecuadorian environment).
2. Existing Professional Team - An already assembled team of trusted workers and supervisors, who have previously proven themselves capable of consistently reaching our exacting standards.
3. Existing Equipment - Top quality machinery, tools and equipment ... as well as good local relationships for the rental of any other equipment which may be required.
4. Trusted Materials Buyer - Santiago has an extraordinary network of sources for building materials throughout Southern Ecuador.
5. Materials - Lowest Price & Highest Quality - The ability to ensure the lowest prices for the highest quality materials available in Southern Ecuador ... it is necessary to consistently remind suppliers here that they will only have your business for as long as they take care of you. Part of the Project Manager's brief is to achieve the most cost-effective, high-quality, and timely construction possible.
6. Multiple Suppliers - Multiple sources for the various construction materials needed such that one is never being "held hostage" to a particular supplier for a particular product.
7. Ecuadorian Experience - Significant experience in doing business "with locals in the local way" and the techniques by which to ensure projects are managed and executed in the kind of professional and timely manner ... desired by our (mostly) foreign Clients.

It is sometimes difficult to convey to people new to Vilcabamba ... just how wrong things can go with a construction project here ... when you do not have the right combination of people, on-hand equipment, communication, and cultural understanding. To bridge this gap requires good Spanish, good contacts, "in-country" building experience, significant local knowledge, as well as a not insignificant degree of diplomacy and finesse.

InstaCasa Construction & Design brings all these qualities together and makes it a reality.

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