After launching their InstaCasa modular-housing project, Nick and Santiago re-branded all their businesses under the one umbrella of InstaCasa. However, during their time formerly operating as Vilcabamba Construction & Design, they received glowing references from clients for a variety of construction projects. ?

Having discovered my partly-completed house was subsiding along one side, I called in Nick & Santiago to assess the situation and provide advice. They identified the problems, explained them clearly to me, and quoted the job at a reasonable price.

I engaged them for the works, at which point they helped repair my foundation, installed footings, and constructed a below-ground retaining-wall the total length of my house.

Despite some inclement weather, the job was done exactly as agreed upon, in the timeframe estimated, and was completed very professionally. The site was also left in perfect order when the project was concluded (kind of a rarity here in Ecuador).

Nick and Santiago and their crew were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They were always accessible, well informed, and easy to communicate with.

I would highly recommend their building and renovation services to others, and would definitely use their services again (whether for my building or real-estate needs).

Thanks guys, for a pleasant and professional experience.

Paulette Fox, AKA “Fox!” – Vilcabamba Resident.

Dear Santiago,

I would like to thank you and your entire team for the professional way that your company handled my house construction project.

I really appreciated your personal involvement and availability during the building phase.

The quality of workmanship is outstanding, and I highly recommend your company and services to anyone.


Roger Lewis,

San Jose, Vilcabamba.

Building a house in a foreign country can be a daunting task, testing your stress and patience levels to the max. I decided to tackle this head-on and build in a not so easily accessible area outside of Vilcabamba.

Although I have extensive construction experience building in the U.S.A., Ecuador is a whole other animal, so I contacted Nick, and sat down with him and Santiago to see if my dream could be realized.

They were on board 100% from the word go. What followed was hundreds of details and decisions that had to be worked out on a daily basis with Santiago and his skilled crew and I’m pleased to say we resolved every one of them.

Having a facilitator who speaks English with a knowledge of local materials, contractors, trucks, backhoes and so much more … saved me more than a few grey hairs. I’m not saying everyday was without its problems, that’s just the nature of the construction business … but the bottom line is I would use Santiago and his Maestro Jose again, and so should you.

Kirk M. – Quinara.